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We work with individuals and companies and deliver personalised workshops and mentorship sessions on communication, public speaking and voice enhancements
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We work extensively to help you improve your personal life and professional progression via communication skills.
Workshops (offline)
Perfect solution for companies to train the employee's communication skills and confidence. We tailor the workshop to cover the objective of the company, and to keep it engaging for participants.

Workshop length can vary on the group size and topic.
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Individual couching (offline/online)
Perfect solution for individuals that struggle with the their communication skills, public speaking or who lacks confidence in general.

Couching packages consist of 5 or 10 sessions, and the programme adapted to client's needs. The frequency can be either weekly, or biweekly.

Price: 5 sessions for 600$ (excl. VAT)
10 sessions for 1000$ (excl. VAT)
Consultation (online)
Perfect solution for those who want to solve a particular request when preparing for a presentation, negotiation or networking event.

Prior the session we discuss the request and during the call we share tailored tips, techniques and practises to solve the need of the client.

Price: 2-hour session for 250$ (excl. VAT)
About trainer
Viktoriia Zhovnovata
Public Speaker and trainer
With 18 years of experience on stage and over five years as an active member of the Toastmasters organization, I have been honored as the Czech Republic champion in public speaking in 2022.

Throughout my practice, I have dedicated more than 300 hours to individual mentorship in public speaking and have conducted workshops for major corporations such as CEMEX, Barclays, IBM, as well as for various NGOs.

In my work, I integrate knowledge from the arts of acting, improvisation, public speaking, and psychology. This interdisciplinary approach enables me to craft the most effective solutions tailored to my clients' needs.
Few stories from our customers
Thank you for the training, I found it extremely valuable and learnt good tips.

You led the training as a pro and I would recommend anyone who spends a lot time talking to people via phone or on telecoms to take this session.

Pavel, Data Engineer
Corporate communication training
Thank you for the training, it was great! I like the exercise, especially the stretching and breathing ones, I plan on practising those daily.

This training was very crucial, as I do observe people not using their "voice" properly and not achieving the maximum they could achieve with those small adjustments you taught us.

Nick, Portfolio PMO
Confident Voice training
Thank you for the workshop on how to sound confident, it was well prepared with profound slides to support your message.

You managed to engage the whole group to participated kept them interested and engaged throughout the session.

The exercises were useful, I could instantly hear the difference in my voice.
Zuzana, PMO Lead
Confident Voice training
Thank you for the help in preparing to deliver the speech on the Change Management conference. In the beginning I was afraid that I will fail it, but you helped me to draft the content appropriate for the occasion, I appreciate, that you were fully engaged in the process and had a number of those detailed revisions before we practiced it.

Also, I believe if not for your remark during rehearsals I would definitely felt myself less confidant on stage. And at last, appreciate all the tips and tricks how to handle the difficult audience - I was not set back by the questions, and after the presentation many people praised my speech. Thanks a lot, it was a great time preparing to this event.
Antonio, Change Management Lead
Individual couching
Thank you for the training on self-presentation. I was amazed with the depth of the content and the exercises. Not only I had the chance to write a compelling introduction of myself, I also gained working instruments on how to gain confidence when I need to talk in new companies.

The section about the fears and how to overcome them was eye-opening for me, I was not realising the impact they impose. Now I know how to tackle them when face again.

Overall, I had a fantastic time which reminded me of importance of self confidence and now I can say I know how to gain it prior introducing myself :)

Kristina, Sales Director
Self-presentation training
Viktoriia, I want to express you my gratitude for the couching we had over last two months. I noticed that not only I started to like the sound of my voice, I also can easily introduce myself and I no longer feel insecure when I end up in new groups of people.

I also want to say, that writing posts or recording stories became an easy thing for me. It was a pain point before - to go live in the online world, now I can easily record any content with minimum preparation and no stress.

Overall happy with the couching and how we were addressing my pain-points.

Karina, Investor & life-coach
Individual couching
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